A Brief History of the VS Fantasy Bra & the Angels Who Wore Them

Since the start of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, an Angel has donned a multi-million dollar bra made of diamonds, rubies, and other gems most women are only used to wearing on their ring finger. Among the supermodels to wear the dazzling brassiere are Claudia Schiffer (who wore the first million dollar bra in 1996), Heidi KlumKarolina Kurkova, and Gisele Bündchen, who wore the most expensive bra to date at $15 million.

Even though the Fantasy Bra has been around since 1996, it’s first appearance on the Victoria’s Secret runway wasn’t until 2001 when Heidi modeled the $12.5 million dollar “Heavenly Star Bra.” Since then, it has graced the runway each year except 2004 when instead of the annual fashion show, the Angels did an Angels Across America Tour. This year, Miranda Kerr will wear the Fantasy Bra for the first time; a $2.5 million dollar bra made up of over 3,400 gems.

Here’s a look back at the past sixteen years of Fantasy Bras and the Angels who wore them.

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