A First Look at the BCBG and Hervé Léger Fall 2013 Model Lineup!

New York Fashion Week doesn’t officially kick off until Thursday, but don’t worry, you won’t have to wait until then to get in on all of the Fashion Week action!  Over the weekend, Modelinia had the chance to sit in on the BCBGMAXAZRIA and Hervé Léger Fall 2013 model casting session, where we got the first look at the model vets, as well as some of the fresh faces hoping to strut their stuff on the runways this season. Despite the blistering winds chills and early morning call times, the models showed up by the dozens on Saturday for what was, for many of them, already their second or third casting that day.  Not that you could tell by the looks of these leggy beauties of course!

“It’s still early in the process, so we’re lucky that it hasn’t been too crazy yet,” Ava Smith told us while chatting away with her fellow model friends.  “There really isn’t much you can do to prepare besides get a lot of sleep and just take care of yourself.  Take your vitamins and just have a positive attitude — that’s key.  If you have a positive attitude, I think mentally, it can make the biggest difference.”

As top models including Kel Markey, Melissa TammerijnAndie Arthur and Catherine McNeil continued to make their way through the door, we sat down with casting director Jess Hallett, who has returned to the BCBG team this year to cast her second season of catwalkers.  But while last season’s show highlighted a sexier side of the modern BCBG woman, Hallett explained that they’re looking for something quite different this time around.

“Today, we are very body conscious,” said Hallett.  “We’re looking for girls who have a strong walk, who are confident and can carry themselves very well, but aren’t too young.  With this collection, we’re really looking for more tomboys, somebody who is kind of edgy with a little street style element to them.”

Models Ava Smith, Kel Markey and Kate Kondas

And while finding a group of edgy, tomboys among nearly 500 stunning faces to choose from may sound like an easy enough task, Hallett assures us that the casting process can be a bit more difficult than that.

“Each girl has their own identity and brings something to the table, but you also need to think of it as a whole,” said Hallett.  “It’s not just individuals, you have to think does that girl work with the other girls?  There has to be some kind of thought throughout the whole process because while you are looking for your individuals, you have to think of it in terms of the bigger picture.”

Also returning for her second go-around with BCBG this month is new comer Kate Kondas, who along with last season’s show opener Mariane Deleeuw, proved to have a break out season walking for top designers like Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Proenza Schouler to name a few.  “The start to Fashion Week is always my favorite part, when you have all of the castings and the fittings,” Kayley told us.  “It’s just such a big opportunity to work with all of the designers and to walk in the shows, so it’s a very exciting time.”

Don’t we know it!  Having already spotted top models like Ruby Aldridge, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Katlin Aas and Magdalena Jasek among Saturday’s BCBG crowd, we can hardly wait for that first stiletto to stomp down the runway later this week.  And while we won’t know until Thursday which of these lovely ladies will make the final cut, we can say with full confidence that this season’s show couldn’t possibly disappoint!

Don’t miss the BCBG runway show this Thursday February, 7th and the Hervé Léger show on Saturday February 9th!

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