A Look at Lonneke Engel's Healthy Thanksgiving Day Meal!

It’s been said that food is the way to a person’s heart, which is what makes the Thanksgiving holiday the perfect time to score some extra brownie points with the ones you love!  Instead of wasting your hard earned dollars on fancy catering and store bought goods, why not whip up one of Lonneke Engel’s delicious holiday treats!  The Dutch model and founder of Organice Your Life, is some what of a culinary genius when it comes to preparing family fare that is not only a crowd pleaser, but also a healthy alternative to the classic Turkey Day dishes.  If you’re still looking for something special to contribute to this year’s dinner, check out a few of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes from Lonneke below!

Carrot & Squash Soup:


- 1 small squash

- 2 big carrots

- salt & pepper

- fresh ginger


cut squash in four pieces. take out seeds ( dry and roast later to make a crunchy snack). cook in water in a pan until soft, together with the 2 carrots cut in pieces. When soft, drain and take out the squash from the skin, and take of skin of carrots. cool off and put in mixer. Add crushed ginger. Mix together and warm up in pan. add a bit of salt & pepper for seasoning.

Veggies Roasted in a Le Creuset Pan:


- wild small carrots

- small potatoes

- small onions

- fresh rosemary

- seasalt

- pepper

- celery cut in pieces

- olive oil


Wash and boil potatoes and carrots for a few minutes until a bit softer. Put all veggies in a pan and add olive oil and rosemary. Put lid on (if you have it) and put in the oven. Ready when all the veggies are soft and skin has browned a bit.

Check out Organice Your Life for even more of Lonneke’s scrumptious recipes, including one for this sweet apple pie treat!

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