A Look At Some Hard-working Supermodel Moms!

There’s been a lot of media clamor this week following Marissa Mayer’s recent promotion to CEO of Yahoo, and while the happenings of Silicon Valley may be a bit out of our area of expertise, the back-and-forth debates have certainly got us thinking about working mothers.  Gone are the days when women were forced to choose between a successful working career and raising a family, prompting a cultural shift that has opened a number of possibilities for young mothers looking to have it all.

Ahead of the trend, today’s pack of reigning supermodels have gone on to land some pretty major magazine covers and designer campaigns, even after giving birth to their little darlings.  In fact, it’s quite possible that these women have even surpassed world records for the shortest maternity leaves know to womankind, with some lasting merely a few weeks!  While there may have been a time when a model’s career kicked into retirement mode as soon as news of a baby bump broke, today’s top models are proving once and for all that, challenging as it may be, with some clever scheduling tactics and drive, a woman can be both supermodel and supermama!

Just look at ‘queen bee’ Heidi Klum, who has not only given birth to four beautiful mini-Klums, but has also set the precedent for supermodels working to get back into the swing of things.  In 2005, Heidi was back on the catwalk for the Victoria’s Secret show in a jaw-dropping silver lingerie bikini set not even two months after giving birth to her son Henry.

Jealous? Of course. Impressed? You betcha! However, as these dedicated supermodels will tell you, getting back on the runway is no cake walk.  Whether you’re a driven business woman, or a tough as nails model, perseverance is always the key ingredient!  Take a look at just how amazing these supermodel moms are in our roundup of some of our favorite back-in-action models!

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