The Man Behind the Lens: Photographer Antoine Verglas

Like most of you, here at Modelinia we spend a considerable part of our day scrolling through countless fashion editorials and campaign images, taking note of each and every top model and designer look that we can get our hands on.  It wasn’t until just recently though, following the release of such behind-the-scenes documentaries as In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye and Diane Vreeland: The Eye Must Travel, that we stopped to consider not only the incredible models that comprise our favorite magazines, but also the talented individuals who have a hand in creating these iconic images.  In light of the trend in uncovering fashion’s most-influential creative tastemakers, we decided to get in touch with one of our favorite photographers, Antoine Verglas, who’s legendary work— featured in Elle, Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated and Vogue— with supermodels such as Claudia SchifferNaomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford continues to inspire some of today’s more candid styles of fashion photography.  From Antoine’s model muses, to his most recent campaign work for Victoria’s Secret and Theodora & Callum, here’s a look at the man behind the supermodel shoots we can’t get enough of!

1.  In the 90s, you were cited as one of the first few photographers to practice a new documentary style of photography.  How did your style differ from the photographers at that time?

I wasn’t trying to come up with a new style of photography, for me it was a more intimate look into the life and personal style of models, which was new at the time. It was possibly the first time when so many of the supermodels were photographed in their own environment, getting out of bed at their own apartment with barely any make up on, it was a different approach, in this sense.

2. You have worked with a large number of supermodels.  Of all of the supermodels you’ve worked with, who has surprised you the most?

To this day I’m still mesmerized by Stephanie Seymour, her non-inhibition, her kindness, sensuality and beauty. Also Helena Christensen and Kate Moss.

3. What was your most memorable photo shoot?

One of the most memorable photo shoots was my first cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue shot on Necker Island, also, my first cover of French Elle with Claudia Schiffer.

4.  Are there any models today that you would like the chance to work with?

There are too many models to name whom I’d like to work with today, so many new faces, characters and personalities, but if I have to name just one it would be Karlie Kloss who I haven’t worked with yet.

5. Who has been your biggest model muse throughout your career?

Claudia Schiffer, at one point, Stephanie Seymour and a few others.

6. You just wrapped the VS Swim shoot, what can we expect to see in the coming months?

It’s a Secret! I can say that I was in Turks & Caicos for VS 2013 Swim shoot with models Erin Heatherton and Caroline Corinth both of whom are so lovely and so charming. Right now I am in the Florida Keys, shooting for a new swim line with Hanna Davis (Derek Jeter’s girlfriend).

7. How does shooting the VS Angels differ from shooting intimate fashion model editorials?

With VS Angels it’s all about youth, beauty, sensuality, sexiness and natural femininity.  It’s all about the girl, mood is happy and free, with great smile and beautiful hair, very desirable. With fashion editorials it’s more about the clothes–all depends on the story though.

8.  What do you look for most in a model that you are working with?

Expressions, non-inhibition, kindness, sensuality. Great smile, charm and grace. I always like a girl who can move like a dancer. I shoot dancers, showgirls.

Check out Antoine’s Tumblr for even more supermodel action!

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