A Model Thanksgiving

Heidi Klum’s Couture Banquet by Ruven Afanador

Thanksgiving is a time for family, relishing in the sections of life that make you most happy, and of course enjoying a delicious feast. Modelinia chatted with a few models to discuss their holiday plans, and just which part of the day they love the most. Unfortunately, a few girls will be working, so be sure to savor your turkey dinner for them!

Sessilee Lopez
“I’m going to Philly! I’m going to go see my father and be with my family and fry some turkey.”

Lily Aldridge
“I am sure we will be celebrating. We [Lily and her boyfriend, Caleb Followill] are actually just trying to figure out all of our plans because we both work so much that we haven’t even really thought about Thanksgiving! We are like, Should we go away, should we cook?  All of our families are all over the country, so we are just kind of trying to figure out now what to do!”

Eniko Mihalik
“I’m actually working and I’m going to be away, but I’m going to be in a beautiful, amazing country—I’m going to Brazil and to a small island. We are doing a shooting and I’m really excited for that because Brazil is my favorite place ever!”

Abbey Lee Kershaw
“Unfortunately I’m working on Thanksgiving! I’ve living in America for the past three Thanksgivings and I’ve been wanting to experience it, but unfortunately I’ve been away each time. This year I’m working in London.”

Chanel Iman
“It’s my first year not in America for Thanksgiving! And I’m kind of sad about it because I’m an American girl and I love Thanksgiving and I love the turkey and ham. But I’m going to be back for the leftovers the next day! So I look forward to the leftovers! I guess I’m going to be in Spain eating paella—and I love rice!”

Caroline Trentini
I think I’m just going to cook with my friends. Last year I pulled off a great turkey! I make great stuffing, like the best, actually! I’m just going to get my friends around and celebrate. I’m almost a New Yorker. They say after 10 years you become one, and I’ve been here for seven years. I really respect how you guys are all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hopefully I’ll make a big turkey!”

What’s the secret to your stuffing?
I think it’s the time that you cook it. Slow cooking is very important, and never forget the chestnuts—very important. I don’t go for the bread crumbs, I like more of the chestnuts.”

Anja Rubik
I’ll be in New York or I’ll go to Mexico. I’m Polish so I don’t really have the tradition, but I do have a fantasy of baking a huge turkey, so maybe it will happen!”

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