A Supermodel-Approved Workout Plan

When we think of Kate Moss, we think of style, grace, elegance, and a fashion sense we long to possess.

To put it simply, she’s always ahead of the trends.

So of course you can imagine our immediate reaction upon reading the headlines this morning. Kate Moss loves to synchronize swim? ’Scuse? Along with the swim caps and nose plugs, we never really saw the routines as a desirable sport to pick up, or one that a model would choose for her health regime. Just goes to show she’s miles ahead of the rest.

But along with the crowded gyms caused by New Year’s resolutions comes the desire to try new experiences, and figure out fun, innovative ways to stay in shape. During her trip to Thailand with BFF Naomi Campbell, Kate showed off her new moves. Now that the supermodel’s a fan, it’s only a matter of time before the swimming workout takes over pools everywhere. Sign up for your lessons now.

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