Agyness Deyn's New Theme Song?

Last week we heard Kate Mossnew single with the Lemonheads.

This week, it’s a variation of sorts of model music.

Jodie Harsh is a DJ who’s friends with all the cool kids, including Mark Ronson, Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn, Roisin Murphy, and Pixie Geldof. And now she’s taken her experience partying in the fashion world and translated it into songs all about supermodels’ lives. Jodie wrote a song called “Agyness Deyn,” which will be on Larry Tee’s new album. It’s seriously catchy, in an electro-pop kind of way that makes you totally dance in your chair. Here are a few of the lyrics for your reading pleasure, but it’s really a song you must listen to and love.

Agyness Deyn

London New York Paris Milan
She’s got the whole word watching
She’s a barometer of style
She’s got every important designer in her iPhone on speed dial
She’s the girl with the haircut
Bleach blonde
Short back and sides
The media absolutely loves her

She’s on the cover of the magazines
She’s the coolest of the cool
She’ll have her own line of jeans on the high street
They’ll be skinny but sooo new-school
Her style is idiosyncratic

She’s on fire
She’s totally hot
She’s got what everybody wants

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