Alice Dellal Pulls An All-Nighter In Her Dr. Martens!


Aside from repeat brand collaborator Agyness Deyn, we couldn’t imagine Dr. Martens enlisting a more perfect front woman for their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign than our favorite rebellious model Alice Dellal!  The Brit it-girl — now synonymous with ripped fishnets and a bleached undercut— is sort of the poster child for the type of ‘too-cool for words’ rocker style made famous by the edgy brand, making her just the right girl for the studded leather job.

For the campaign video, Alice and her punk posse hit the streets of London in their signature Dr. Martens for some flirtatious fun and… is that birthday cake we see? Only Alice could pull off an all-nighter spent eating cake, dancing on rooftops, and partying with friends in a bathtub, and still look incredibly cool the morning after! Consider us jealous!

Good news is that the model/musician promises that you don’t need to be a part of the London underground scene to slip into the iconic lace up boots.

“People have been wearing Dr. Martens sine the 1960’s, from policemen to punks!” Alice told Elle UK. “They’re just good leather boots!  Everyone should have a pair! Personally, I prefer classic but there are so many different styles, colors, and prints these days that literally anyone can wear them.”

Anyone huh? Looks like we should make room in our closet for these bad boys!

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