Allow the Models to Help You Pack for Spring Break!

With the month of March comes spring break trips and vacations to sunny tropical destinations, providing a break from the daily grind of work and school. Since the last thing on your mind are the most efficient and space saving packing techniques, Modelinia’s compiled a few tips and tricks from the models. After all, these ladies are the queens of airline travel - transporting to multiple different locations per month for photoshoots and runway walks is part of their job. So who else would know better how to maximize space and minimize packing issues? Read on for their secrets to prepping your luggage.

Anne Sophie When my clothes get wrinkled from being in a suitcase, i take a hot shower and keep the heat and steam inside the closed bathroom. Afterwards i put my clothes on hangers and put them inside. The steam makes them flat again!
Cheryl Tiegs I roll up the t-shirts or light sweaters and fit 5 in a baggie, then push all the air out and it becomes a little package. The same with skirts or pants. And I never wear the same thing twice!
Christie Brinkley Well, I like to use a suitcase with hard edges so I can unzip the top and leave everything in it. I’ve done so much packing in my life that I can’t stand having to unpack and then re-pack again. I tend to select clothes that don’t wrinkle as much. Urban Zen is actually fabulous for that. And then I like to do the rolling techniques and put it up vertically so I can see it from the top. I pack it so I only have to remove one layer and then it reveals those other layers that I don’t have to touch. I could write a book.
Crystal Renn Roll up everything and you will have half a suitcase free that you didn’t have before.
Elaine Irwin- Mellencamp Be a ruthless editor…take ONLY a few basics. Think versatility: day to night, mix and match, keep it simple. Take accessories to change up the look. Keep a little bag of your travel toiletries packed…that way you can travel light. It makes it fast and easy to pack and unpack and you always are ready…
Elisa Sednaoui Above all, [when traveling] go into a place and try to be as open as you can to every kind of culture, try not to think of what you left behind but try to be as present as you can in the moment.
Filippa Hamilton I always put an extra bag inside my big bag in case I go shopping or I need to take out stuff so I don’t pay the overweight fee.
Frederique van der Wal When flying always wear loose clothing and while flying drink loads of water. I keep my favorites in my bag at all times and especially when flying, like 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden. Estée Lauder has also a great moisturizing kit for your eyes and face. For the plane, I use hydrating mist, but only a little spritzer, otherwise they take it! The one in my bag now is a hydrating seaweed facial spray by Repêchage.
Julie Henderson
Traveling with less is better, especially now because of security. There’s no need to have 20 bags anymore.
Kate Somers
When I travel, it’s nice to bring something that reminds me of home. Before leaving, I always pack my favorite cookies from a bakery near my house in my luggage! That way, no matter where I travel, I’ve got something sweet from home!
Linda Vojtova
If you’re traveling for short time, put your shampoos, conditioners, and all liquids in small containers. You’ll save a lot of space and weight.
Mini Anden
When flying, bring your own food! I always pack a nice homemade meal, fruit and veggies. That way your stomach feels sooo much better! Airplane food is the worst!

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