Amp Up Any NYE Dress With Terri Apanasewicz's Guide to Party-Perfect Hair!

When it comes to dressing for New Year’s Eve, lets face it, the sparkly dress gets all of the attention.  Finding the perfect party frock is as essential to the big night as the actual party plans themselves, despite the fact that the dress will probably spend the rest of eternity hanging in the back of a closet somewhere.  However, as any true style icon will tell you, the clothes are only one part of putting together a knockout look.  Like a great stiletto, a fabulous ‘do has the power to take your look from great to completly swoon worthy in almost no time at all, making it an all too important factor in tonight’s preparations. That being said, we recently caught up with celebrity makeup artist/hairstylist, Terri Apanasewicz, who has worked with red-carpet stunners like Miranda KerrKate Upton and Cindy Crawford (just to name a few), to help recreate the three model-approved hairstyles above in time for your NYE bash!  Whether you’re looking for something low-key and sexy, like Lily Aldridge’s relaxed waves, or a super sleek pony like Gisele Bündchen’s, Terri’s easy party hair guide is sure to have you looking your best no matter what you’re you’ll be wearing for the occasion.  Check out Terri’s expert styling tips below for the best way to amp up your LBD tonight!

Lily Aldridge’s Relaxed Red Carpet Waves (left)

Add a hair product like Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity spray or Rene Furterer Vegetal  Mousse to damp hair.  If you have straight to slightly wavey hair don’t spend too much time on an extensive blow dry.  This look is easy, not a lot of volume at the scalp.  Turn your head upside down and pull your hair away from the scalp while using the blow dryer.  (If you have curly hair, use a large diameter round brush to pull out your curl and smooth the hair)  After your hair is dry use a large barrel curling iron, approx 1″, and wind sections of hair around the barrel.  The key to this style is to start the winding process away from the scalp and when you get to the end of the hair do not hold it on the iron for too long.  For more volume alternate the direction of the waves at times so they do not settle into each other.  After you finish curling, tuck your front layers behind your ears until you’re ready to walk out the door.  this will add a nice bend to the hair & will frame your face.  When you are ready to go out, turn your head upside down again and lightly pull the waves apart, for extra texture spray a little Oribe Dry Texture spray.  To finish, throw your head back and calm down the waves into your desired shape.

Gucci’s Bohemian Twists (center)

Use a curling iron on the larger side, depending on the length of your hair, start away from the scalp & wind 1″ sections of hair around the rod, leaving the last inch or 2 out of the wind.  Keep the direction of the waves going the same direction from front to back.  Don’t worry about each wave being perfect, because it’s in the imperfection that this hairstyle comes to life.   Gently pull the waves apart.   Take a front section from the from of your hairline to about 3″ back and softly twist the hair and secure in the back with your clip of choice.  If you don’t have a statement clip, use bobby pins close to the color of your hair so they will disappear in the hair.

Gisele Bundchen’s Sexy, Sleek Pony (right)

If you’ve started with one of the above; then you’ll want to use a brush like a Mason Pearson so it really smooths the hair.  Get it as tight and flat to the head as possible.  Try not to brush all the way through, concentrate only on the point where your ponytail holder will go.  If you are starting fresh, while your hair is slightly damp use the same type of brush and then secure your ponytail at the desired place, remember it’s more flirty when your ponytail is high.   Dry the length of the ponytail and then finish the look with a large barrel curling iron.  Haphazard waves create volume and sexy imperfection. If you have any flyaways you can use a little light pomade or spray hairspray on your hands, then smoth hair back to the band.  For something a little extra, use small hair pins that blend into your hair and pin the top layer of the pony into your scalp on the outside rim of the band.  This will give your pony more volume & a new finishing touch to a classic look.

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