Angela Lindvall, Project Runway All Stars Host?

Meetings between Miranda Kerr and Harvey Weinstein lead to suggestions that the new mom was set to take the helm of the brand new reality show, Project Runway All Stars.

But sources are reporting to Modelinia that another well known beauty is actually taking the role as host!

We’re hearing rumors that Angela Lindvall signed on as the host of the reality TV show, which is bringing back fan favorites from the past seasons of Project Runway for a second chance! The all star contestants are reunited for eight episodes of tears, lightening fast sewing, and major fashion inspiration.

In the middle of July, Angela wrote on her blog, “Here I am in New York City! I landed a huge opportunity that will have me here for a month. Have to keep it top secret for now…” Should these reports turn out to be true, Modelinia can’t wait to see Angela take her spot as the host. As a well known model and sometimes designer, she has a unique view which will surely play out well on the show. Can’t wait to see you on TV, Angela!

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