Bar Refaeli Makes One Lucky Nerd's Dreams Come True in Her Super Bowl Commercial!

When we first heard that Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli was starring in this year’s Go Daddy Super Bowl ad, we imagined it would look something along the lines of the blonde bombshell strutting her stuff for the camera in a sexy two piece, or showing off her latest set of under.me undies.  Little did we know though, that Bar had something much more tantalizing than a swimsuit romp up her sleeves for the occasion!

Going with the theme of sexy vs. smart, this year’s 30 second commercial portrays the Maxim hottie as “the sexy side” of  Go Daddy, who finds her perfect match with Hollywood extra Jesse Heiman, the company’s “smart” tech nerd named Walter.  What unfolds is a rather lengthy makeout session between the supermodel and super-nerd, no doubt prompting geeks worldwide to rejoice.

“There are two side to Go Daddy,” explains longtime spokeswoman Danica Patrick at the start of the commercial.  “There’s the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli.  And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter.  Together, they’re perfect.”

Clearly, it’s Bar’s lips that are doing all the talking this Super Bowl, but hey, who’s complaining?  Walter certainly isn’t and according to Bar’s recent statement, neither is she.

“I have a very strange dream that all my friends know about where I go to club, look around, choose the guy most unlikely to be kissed, and kiss him in front of everyone, and give him something to remember for the rest of the week,” said Bar.  “Go Daddy is making my dream come true.”

And while the scene apparently took 65 takes to get right, the never-ending lip lock wasn’t the worst thing for the Sports Illustrated cover girl.

“I told Jesse that he’s a very good kisser,” Bar told the TODAY Show this week.

Needless to say, Bar’s Go Daddy commercial will have more than a few viewers talking following Sunday’s Super Bowl spectacular, but why wait until then?  Check out Bar’s hot and heavy Go Daddy commercial before it airs below!

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