Beachy Bikini Moments with Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart is no stranger to the bikini world, as she’s modeled for Sport’s Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. But now the gap-toothed beauty is working with a brand that’s not only close to her heart, but also her hometown. Modelinia caught up with the new face of Seafolly to talk bikinis, beauty, and must-haves.

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You’re a part of the Seafolly family now. How does it feel to be the face of their campaign?
I am honored to be the ambassador for Seafolly in 2009 and to follow in the footsteps of the past ambassadors like Miranda Kerr, Alyssa Sutherland, and Catherine McNeil. I’ve always looked up to the Seafolly girls and now I’m one of them, so I’m very proud. This year the campaign was shot on Haggerstone Island, which is far north Queensland…and it was spectacular! We saw baby turtles, stayed in amazing bungalows, and enjoyed the pristine white sands and blue water. Hardly feels like work!

Which are your favorite suits from the line?
I love all of the suits, it is so hard to pick only a couple. However, the Cyber bikini in orange is awesome; I love it! I love polka-dots and frills for summer, so the Viva and the Frill Me are must-haves for me.

How do you accessorize bathing suits for off the beach?
Hats, hats, and more hats… I love the Seafolly Audrey Hat, a must-have beach accessory both on and off the sand. I love to tan, but I also know how important a sun hat and good protection is. I like to take sarongs and hats to the beach to drape over me for when the sun’s at its peak. Also, love pairing swimmers with denim shorts and a tank or a long dress.
If you could create your perfect bikini, what would it look like?
I’m not sure, actually. I’d have to think about it. And once I do, maybe I’ll make it a reality!

How do you get bikini-body ready?
First and foremost, I eat well… It is so important to remember that the outside is merely a reflection of the inside. What you put in your body will show on the outside of your body. I love fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and lots of water!  Exercise is just as necessary for the mind as it is the body. Like food, if you feel good on the inside, it’s going to show ion the outside. I also use lots of moisturizer and maybe a little fake tanner to get that beach glow!

How would you describe your style?
I don’t! I never understand this question. I guess it’s kind of boyish—I was always a tomboy growing up. I’m not much of a girly girl, so I guess that comes across.
I cannot live without my Converse sneakers, and I mostly wear jeans and T-shirts during the day.

What are three items that you are craving for this fall and why?
Now that I am living in New York, I’m craving anything to keep me warm! The first is leggings because I think they are a great basic that make dresses wearable in the fall and they’re also great with big T-shirt, jumpers, and jackets. The next item is a leather jacket because of their warmth and I just love them (I have four). The last is a good pair of comfortable boots because they are practical and they look great! Ideally, I’d like either a military type or motorcycle style. I travel a lot, too, so anything that is easy to pack is a plus!

What are three items that are always in your makeup kit?
I can’t live without my eyelash curler, some mascara, and blush or bronzer.

What are three beauty products you can’t go without?
Lip balm, lanolin cream, my Darphin body moisturizers, and my Kérastase hair cream that I put in damp hair to help with frizz. I have quite the arsenal!

What is your favorite trend of the moment? Least favorite?
My favorite trend right now with out a doubt is leather! As for my least favorite trend, anything that makes you feel uncomfortable! Fashion should be fun.

What is your biggest fashion indulgence?
I’m a shoe girl and love handbags… Need I say more??

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