Beauty Trend Alert: Styling Tips to Recreate Spring's Undone Hair Trend!

During the last five weeks, we sat back and took note of the hundreds of new beauty looks that premiered on the Spring 2013 runways.  There were bright saturated lips, bleached brows and plenty of interesting nail art, but nothing had our editors talking quite as much as this season’s hottest hair trend.  Seen everywhere from J. Mendel in New York, to Missoni in Milan and Dries van Noten in Paris, the “undone” hairstyle is exactly the kind of seemingly done, yet still undone, type of ‘do that will pair perfectly with the multitude of bold Spring fashion trends heading our way.  The new smooth at the roots, messy at the ends style looked laid back and edgy on the runways, and is exactly the kind of look that models rock on a regular basis! To help you recreate that top model look, we caught up with celebrity hair stylist, Kylee Heath, who is giving us her step-by-step guide to recreating this modern look right at home.  Check out all of Kylee’s styling tips below!
For the girls with curly or frizzy hair who want their hair smooth at the roots, but with some bend and natural clumps at the bottom,  is it better to blow dry their hair straight and then curl the ends with product- or is it better to manipulate hair as it air dries?

If you have curly and/or frizzy hair it is best to try this look on day two of having dirty hair.

If you prefer to let your hair air dry, put a serum such as, KeSARI Indian oil throughout your hair while it is damp. Brush the product through for even distribution and then let it air dry. Once your hair is dry take sections and straighten your hair from the roots to where your hair falls at your cheek bone. Once your roots are smooth over the whole head of hair, turn on a curling iron that is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. You will then grab about one inch sized sections, lightly wrap them around the curling iron barrel, count to 3 or 5 and release. If you wrap a section back, you will wrap the next section forward. You do not have to curl every section If some of your curls are laying nicely leave them be. That is what will creat a natural tosseled look. Flip your head  upside down and spray it with a light finishng spray.

What about the girls with naturally straight or fine hair?

If you have straight and or fine hair you will put a Volumizer such as, Oscar Blandi Volumizing spray from roots to ends. Brush the product through and then blow dry your hair in all different directions without using a brush. This will create volume and fullness. Then plug in a 1 1/2 barrel sized curling iron and take sections about 2 inches by 2 inches and wrap each section around the barrel for about 5 seconds. Have the iron turned on Medium/ High heat. If you wrap a section back, you will wrap the next section forward. Once all your hair has a slight bend, flip your head  upside down and spray it with a light finishng spray.

How do you let your hair set if you want it to air dry?

If you want to let your hair air dry be sure to put some product in from roots to ends. Put a volumizer through out your roots and a serum through out your ends and the brush through for even distribution. If you have straight to wavy hair it is great to break your hair into about 6  sections and twist them, every other section forward and the rest back. You can then twist the twisted sections into a low bun or let them just hang down if you are at home. As your hair drys it will create a light bend. once your hair is dry break the twists up with your fingers, toss your hair from side to side and give it a light spray.

I find that blow drying often leaves my hair feeling fluffy and dry. How do I flatten and smooth the roots without loosing the natural wave at the ends of my hair?

If you love you natural wave keep it and simply straighten the roots down to your cheek bone. You can even straighten some of the ends of your hair and this creates a really piecy texture. add a little serum like, KeSARI Indian oil through out for fizz control and voila!

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