Beware the Snakes of Natalia

Though Clash of the Titans might not be number one on your list of movies to see in the near future, we’ve got a reason that just might change your mind. Supermodel Natalia Vodianova takes her rightful acting position in the film as a Grecian god - the elegant and dangerous Medusa.

In a sentence, the epic tale is about the mortal son of Zeus who goes on a mission to defeat Hades, complete with the requisite battles and side love story plot. But between the armored gods and fighting scenes, Natalia appears, bow and arrow in hand with a gaze of steel.

The supermodel plays Medusa, with a head full of snakes and a glare that kills. From the first stills of the upcoming film, we’re already impressed and terrified of Natalia, who somehow makes a head of snakes still look fashionable.

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