Candice Swanepoel: The Next Britney Spears?

Many models dabble in the film industry making everything from cameo appearances to taking on starring roles, but Victoria’s Secret AngelĀ Candice Swanepoel might have another career trick up her sleeve. “Music rules my life,” she said. “Secretly I wish I was a pop star. I really do. I’m always around the house singing. I mean, I have the look! With a lot of lessons, maybe.”

Candice has more than just the look though, she’s got the moves too, which she’s shown off on the Victoria’s Secret runway as well as in a number of lip syncing videos. Back in 2007 we watched Heidi Klum sing a duet with Seal at the VS Fashion Show, so maybe with enough practice we’ll watch Candice belt her lungs out this coming November.

Until then, watch the aspiring singer lip sync in these two videos:

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