Cara Delevingne Goes on a Woodland Adventure in Burberry's Latest Clip!

From LOVE’s sexy Advent videos to the Angels’ ‘Deck the Halls’ blunder, there has been more than enough adorable holiday videos to entertain us so far this month.  But after several weeks of singing along to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,’ we’ll admit a little change of pace in the video department wouldn’t be the worst thing.  That being said, Burberry’s latest mini-flick starring Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell and a few model friends, is just the type of non-Santa related fashion clip that we’ve been looking for!  With bursts of golden leaves and tiny woodland creatures on hand, Burberry’s ‘Woodland Adventure’ is like a magical journey through one of our favorite childhood fairytales, or at the very least, evidence that Cara has the uncanny ability to turn even the most modest setting — in this case the British countryside — into a high fashion runway!  We love pretty much everything that this clip has to offer, and you can bet that this is one clip that we’ll be watching well after the holiday season!

Treat yourself to a mid-afternoon break and check out Burberry’s fun new video below!

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