Cara Delevingne Puts a Trademark On It (Her Name That Is)!

If you like it then you better put a trademark on it!  Or so Cara Delevingne did with her own name, thus providing us with even more evidence of her intent for world domination.

According to the UK’s Sunday Times, the British beauty had registered her name as an official trademark with the Intellectual Property office last December, giving her the sole rights to its use as a marketing tool.  The trademark is said to protect the cover girl’s increasingly popular name from being used to sell everything from handbags and perfumes to nail files and walking sticks because apparently, that’s a thing.

What’s more, the current Fashion Week front runner has also reportedly registered her own company entitled Cara & Co. for which her father, Charles Delevingne, is listed as a co-director.  The details behind the latest business venture have yet to be released, which raises the all important question: what could the charming young Brit have in store for all of us Cara-fanatics?  Fashion lines certainly are all the rage among the top models these days— as evidenced by models-turned-designers Alessandra Ambrosio, Bar Refaeli and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley— and Cara has recently expressed a desire to design her own collection of onesies or a range of “simple, well-cut tops and T-shirts.”  Of course, it’s not secret that aside from her love of animal-print onesie get-ups, the Model of the Year also has her eye set on Hollywood, following a breakout role in last year’s Anna Karenina, as well as a new found interest in the music biz, even tapping late-night party pal Rihanna to help turn her into a pop diva.  So what will it be: fashion design, acting or singing?  The answer is unbeknown to us at the moment, but knowing Cara, we’d say that whatever career path the multi-talented Brit chooses, the world is bound to follow suit! After all, this is Cara’s world and we’re all just living in it!

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