Cara Delevingne Takes on the Wild, Wild West!

As you might recall, there is a memorable Sex and the City episode — Season 6, Episode 4 to be exact— in which Carrie gives boyfriend at the time, Berger, a hard time for having his novel’s female protagonist running around New York City wearing a scrunchie.  Her point being that no self-respecting style maven would ever be caught dead in the accessory outside of the comfort of her own bathroom.  Sure, the scrunchie had enjoyed some popularity in the early ’90s, however, since then the fashion world has bid adieu to the hair tie without so much as a second thought— that is, until now!

Starring as a pistol-totting cowgirl nicknamed The Kid, Cara Delevingne has women reconsidering the scrunchie with a new Western-themed short film for British hair accessory brand, MCS.  Along with model comrades Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse— or Senorita Fuego and Hot Sauce as we like to remember them— Cara and the My Crazy Scrunchie crew hit the wild frontier in “Las Bandidas” for an all out Texas-style scrunchie shoot-off!  Complete with chic prairie clothes, high-flying scrunchies— which, we would like to add, are quite pretty— and a scoundrel stare down, we’d say the only thing this campaign flick doesn’t have is John Wayne himself!

But don’t take our word for it. Check out all of the wild west fun for yourself in the video below!

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