Carol Alt, Inc

Summer in the city makes us grateful for many things: free concerts in Brooklyn, sidewalk dining, and today, the chance to listen to supermodel Carol Alt discuss her new book Model, Incorporated at the Bryant Park Reading Room.

“The reason why I wrote these books is because I sat with my agent and he said the industry is really changing. The girls now are 16, from small towns, and have no idea how to build a business. They have no idea how to parlay one job into the next and they last one season. In my day the agents would watch out for us. Maybe I can take my career and put it into a character these girls can empathize with.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Meet Mac, a young girl who is learning the ways of the modeling world, and rising to the top, while still maintaining her friends, family, and boyfriend. And though the character is fiction, the stories are built from Carol’s own experiences, but updated to today’s modern world.

Jimmy Bruch, a photographer who has worked with Carol countless times over the years, moderated the discussion, which ranged from her experience as a model to working under Gia to her family’s reaction to her busy schedule to the moments spent with Donald Trump for Celebrity Apprentice.

But one thing was abundantly clear from Carol’s words. She wrote this book because of her passion for the girls and the dangers that she sees in the modeling industry. “I do feel protective of any girl that comes into this industry. Maybe I can put into words what I’ve learned through the years to teach these girls how to have a career.”

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