Chanel Iman Spills Last Night's Details

© Fabiana Santana

Miss Chanel Iman has been waiting for her big Victoria’s Secret moment for quite some time now, so we grabbed the leggy model backstage. Looking calm, cool, and collected, she told us her big secret. Chanel got a bit of advice from a seasoned pro last night. “Tyra’s a mentor to me, she kind of gave me the inside scoop, how she felt when she first did it. It’s given me the confidence to go out there and work it and knock it out. She’s not here, so I’m kind of taking over her part today! But she’s still here in heart.”

After the advice from Tyra, she did some research. “This might sound corny, but I went on YouTube and I did my homework by going and seeing the different years that Victoria’s Secret has had, the different shows and who did Victoria’s Secret, and studied their walks so that I can turn mine different from everyone else’s!”

As for tomorrow, she’s jetting away from the city for work. “I’m actually hopping on a plane to go to Miami. I’m going to get some sun—I wish I could have gone to Miami before so I could have that suntan!”

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