Chatting with Caroline Trentini and Victor Demarchelier

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Tuesday night, Modelinia headed uptown to celebrate Frédéric Malle’s new fragrance, Geranium pour Monsieur, with hosts Patrick Demarchelier and Victor Demarchelier. The eighth-floor penthouse of Barney’s had an intimate group, and when we say intimate, we mean super tiny and fashion insider-y. Patrick sat on a couch huddled with Frédéric Fekkai, who is recovering from a broken foot injury, while Simon Doonan said hi to everyone. Given Patrick’s complete involvement in the world of models, we just had to ask who his favorite girl is these days. “I don’t have a favorite model,” he responded. “It depends what job you have. A model is like a movie, you put the model for what you’re doing. If you do American Vogue you need a specific type of girl, if you do French Vogue you need a different type. Each job is a different type of model.” Love the partisanship, Mr. Demarchelier.

But really the most adorable part of the evening was Caroline Trentini and Victor. The pair are planning a road trip, she’s heading to Brazil today, and the only shot Patrick’s taken of the couple is the one in Vogue.

What did your father teach you about photography?
Victor: He taught me to be nice to everyone. Especially the models.
Caroline: Too nice, apparently!

What are you buying him for Father’s Day?
Victor: For Father’s Day? I’m always buy him underwear because always loses his underwear.
Caroline: I’m not going to be here! I’m going to Brazil for one day. Father’s Day is Sunday, right? It’s a different day in Brazil.

Any fun plans over the summer?
Victor: We’re going a road trip!
Caroline: Probably. We think so.

Which cities will you see?
Victor: Everything!
Caroline: Hopefully.
Victor: We’re just going to leave New York and drive till we hit the coast.
Caroline: And try to make it back!

What will you drive?
Victor: I have a Cooper.
Caroline: We’re not going to be driving that one! We might rent one of those old ones.
Victor: I think it be good to rent so we can drive over then fly back. I think I’m a little late. Usually people do it when they’re in college, right?

What’s your favorite picture that your father has taken of the two of you?
Victor: The only one he took of us was in Vogue! He never picks up the camera for us.
Caroline: Too much work!

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