Chinatown Digs and High Heel Book Ends

When Hanne Gaby Odiele invited Modelinia to hang out at her New York apartment and style a few outfits, you got to see a little piece of her apartment and rooftop. We know you can’t get enough, so here’s an extended view of her Chinatown digs.

Hanne got creative with her bookcase—showing off her fashion sense. Instead of holding books up with typical bookends, the model chose to accentuate her literary side with her style side by sticking amazing heels in the shelves, and of course a large Chanel box. We love that she hung up the image of herself from the Vogue Paris calendar—and did a little pose for the snapshot to match. Lucky Hanne has her very own fireplace, something most Manhattan apartments are lacking. So jeal.

Hanne’s 1970s Mercedes-Benz car

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