Cindy Crawford on How She Keeps Her 14-Year Marriage Going Strong!

In a world where A-list marriages last about as long as a good manicure, we’ve come to have a whole new respect for those who have made it through the long haul.  Among those lucky few are supermodel Cindy Crawford and her adoring husband, Rande Gerber, who even after 14-years of marriage, admits they’re sill going strong thanks to their secret relationship advice.

During the taping of the upcoming March 10th episode of Oprah’s Master Class, the all-American beauty couldn’t resist gushing about her restaurateur husband before revealing the keys to their happy life together. “We started off as friends, and I know that Rande and I, we will always be friends, no matter what,” says Cindy in the teaser clip.  “Being rooted and based in friendship, it keeps the relationship elevated. There’s always a certain level of respect. We respect each other’s opinion about parenting and our personal life, but also for work stuff . . . We really listen to each other. I would want that friendship in my life no matter what.”

And while tabloids would like to suggest that the couple’s romance is on the rocks, rest assured that the  super has found the love of her life in Gerber, who provides some much needed support, particularly during the more stressful times. “I have meltdowns,” says Cindy, noting that she never acts unprofessional on set, but rather saves those personal moments for home. “We all have those days at home where you don’t have to have on your game face as much.”  Solid advice from someone in a solid marriage.

See more of the super’s best-kept marriage advice in the clip below and catch the full episode when Oprah’s Master Class airs on the OWN network this Sunday, March 10th, at 10pm EST.

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