Coco Takes on Fashion Week!

For those not residing in Canada, you’ll have to wait and stalk YouTube to see all of Coco Rocha’s E! Canada special that the supermodel filmed during Fashion Week. But for the Elite agents (and Modelinia!) there was a special screening last night at the Bryant Park Hotel. Of course, the guest of honor was there in all her TV-reporting glory, as well as her friend Behati Prinsloo and agent Micki Schneider.

“I like to walk and talk!” said Coco of her reporting gig. “So it was the best of both! It was hard to talk. I don’t talk. I just walk,” she joked. “In the end of it all, I was so excited to be done with it. But when everyone went home I was like, more!” Right now she and Behati are preparing to shoot together in Canada for the first time since the two had a BFF moment and ran away during a previous shoot, walkie-talkie in hand. “Never have we worked again together!” said Coco.

In between bites of popcorn, guests loved the interviews with designers and funny Coco moments, especially the mini teaser used between commercial breaks. It’s Coco stomping over the Manhattan skyline as if she’s taking over the city. Which pairs especially well with the adorable scene at Elite, where she asks Micki, “When will I be taking over the world?” That’s June 2009 for those wondering, a.k.a. now. Prepare yourself for a Coco world!

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