Cozy Clothes for the Cold Weather Comfort

 With last week’s Hurricane Sandy confining us to our apartments and the recent bout of freezing wind and snow, lately all we care to do is run home to hide under our heavy  duvet covers. After spending so much time indoor you may have come to the realization that your “house clothes” are more sloppy than sexy, and are in desperate need of an upgrade. After Wednesday’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, you may imagine yourself slinking around the house in negligees and thigh highs but what we has in mind is much more, how should we say, practical.

The lingering pajama-dressing trend has helped bend the rules with what you can wear to work and there are plenty of fabulous silk blouses that can do double time at home and at play. Just like  Sex and the City: The Movie, when Carrie rolls out of bed in her pj’s adds a sequin beret and heels and heads downtown to celebrate New Years with Miranda, many of these pieces can be worn on the street as is. If you’re still lounging around in your middle school band t-shirt and your ex-boyfriends tattered boxer shorts, than peruse this collection of cozy pajamas and start feeling chic and comfortable in no time.


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