Damaris Lewis Scores Big at the NBA All-Star Game!

We’ll admit, it’s not very often that you’ll find us talking about sports here at Modelinia.  We may be able to rattle off the names of the world’s top designers and recite entire model show packages at the the drop of a hat, but ask us who this year’s Heisman Trophy winner was and we’re certain you’d hear nothing by crickets.  That being said, you can imagine that we weren’t exactly waiting at the edge of our seats to catch the NBA All-Star game on Sunday night— that is, until we heard Damaris Lewis was involved.

The model was the star of the official NBA promo video that opened the big showdown, no doubt the perfect gig for the basketball enthusiast and official blogger of the site Heels to Hoops. Appearing both sexy and strong, Damaris makes the case that she’s more than just a pretty face or a sucker for cheesy pickup lines for that matter.  In fact, while rocking a West division game jersey and Jordan kicks, Damaris claims that the best line she has heard all year wasn’t “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven,” or “I’m already here, what are your other two wishes?”  Please, for this cover girl it’s all about the stats claiming, “how about 27, 5 and 5 for the season— now that’s a line!”

Now we may not know basketball, but we know our models, so you can trust us when we say that Damaris totally killed it!  Watch as Damaris gives guys worldwide a lesson in romance and sportsmanship in the model’s official NBA promo below!

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