Daria Werbowy Gets Some Beauty Advice From An Old Friend!

From nail polish to lipstick shades, today’s top beauty brands just can’t get enough of TV’s favorite animated characters, and French label Lancôme is no exception!  Following the lead of Minnie Mouse for OPI and Wonder Woman for MAC cosmetics, Lancôme has recently taken some inspiration from Betty Boop- TV’s original sex symbol- for their latest short film starring Daria Werbowy.

Inspired by the free-spirited glamour of the 1930’s, the film features the top model as a rising Hollywood star decked out as a modern day screen siren who is desperate to be remembered for her acting talent as much as her beauty- and boy is she beautiful! After struggling with her line-which happens to be Betty’s infamous catchphrase, “Boop-boop-de-doop”- Daria enlists the help of the cartoon cutie to help her become more than just “an image” on screen.

“I’ve been in the business since black and white,” advises Betty.  “All stars have a secret.  Just say it with the eyes!”

Now, the girlish flapper may be a cartoon character, but having survived numerous decades as a beauty icon without ever enlisting the help of Photoshop, something tells us that we should heed her advice. Daria certainly doesn’t waste any time swiping on some of the mascara that Betty presents her. The result: sexy, defined lashes that have both ladies ready for their close up!

“You’ve got the look,” exclaims Betty.  “Now you’re a star!”

Daria has been a spokesperson for the French beauty mega-brand since 2005, and is know for her dazzling eyes that have landed her in every major fashion magazine and countless runway bookings over the span of her career.  Throughout her time with the brand, Daria has taken on a number of other high-profile side projects including, her own “Brazilian Earth Colors” line for Lancôme in 2008, and a number of charity projects in connection with Lancôme’s partnership with the non-profit group Carbonfund.org.

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