Double Duty Beauty Products

Twofers aren’t just for happy hour anymore. Time to update your beauty closet with some of the newest double-duty products on the market.
By Fabiana Santana

It’s not hard to figure out why Helena Christensen is a fan of Terralina products. Their products are 98.85% natural, which means they contain no parabens, silicons, or mineral oils. The lightweight facial moisturizer is made from olive leaf, white tea, squalane (a natural moisturizer found in foods like olives), and chamomile, and leaves skin feeling smooth without a greasy residue. And that glass jar is not just for holding moisturizer. As part of Terralina’s environmental efforts, each customer receives a soy tea-light candle that fits perfectly inside once all your cream is used up.

Multiple models are fans of Wexler products, developed by Dr. Patricia Wexler. And her line’s new intensive serum doesn’t just do double-duty, it does triple. Intensive 3-in-1 Serum is a silky serum that lifts, firms, and fights wrinkles all at the same time using Pepha-Tight marine extract. “As we age, sun exposure and free radical damage gang up on skin, making it lose its youthful contours,” explains Dr. Wexler. “Now sagging skin doesn’t have to drag you down. This unique serum gives you healthy-looking skin that is more elastic and firmer with an instantly tighter feel, erasing surface wrinkles and discouraging new ones from forming.”

Aveda’s got you covered this summer with their new line of Sun Care products. In particular, their Hair and Body Cleanser safely yet gently remove chlorine, salt, and product residue (think sunscreen) from your hair and body, all the while maintaining your natural moisture with the use of tamanu and certified organic coconut oils.

Since watermelon is so healthy for your body, it only makes sense that it would do wonders for your skin. Watermelon extract, just like the fruit, is full of antioxidants that help to combat free-radical damage. It’s the main ingredient in the Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer from natural beauty line Korres, which also features a strong SPF of 30. So you’re not just illuminating and hydrating your face, you’re protecting it, too.

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