Dree Hemingway Channels Her Provocative Side for an Upcoming Indie Film

Dree Hemingway has made the jump from model to actress-and is getting some great reviews!

The 24-year-old model plays Jane in the film, Starlet, which premiered at SXSW earlier this week. Jane is a Los Angeles-based pot-smoking twenty-something who spends her time laying around and wasting time. And though it’s not completely clear in the film, she also dabbles in the sex industry. The film is being shopped around to film studios now-and there’s one very specific sex scene staring Dree that has everyone talking.

“I had freaked out and there was all this stuff going on in my head because I’m not somebody who likes to watch porn, it freaks me out a bit, I don’t know why,” Dree told Movieline.

The most daunting thing about making the film was the hardcore porn scene that she had to do. She had porn actress Zoe Voss give her some coaching on the day they shot that scene. For the actual “sex” scenes, an adult industry body double was brought in, but other than that-it’s all Dree’s acting. ”Talking to Zoe, who is the sweetest person ever, she’s like, ‘Dree, it’s normal. You deep breathe when you have sex, do this when in doubt,’ throwing different things at me,” she said.

As for modeling vs. acting, it looks like we will be seeing a lot more of Dree on the big screen, and not on the runway. ”I kind of got into modeling because I was obsessed with people’s fashion and style, and I think it was more me being interested in how people kind of rearrange themselves,” she said. “That kind of goes for acting as well. I love watching people and I can kind of sit in a room and observe for a really long time.”

Whether this movie will come to a theater near you is still up in the air, but we can only imagine that this is just the beginning of a long and successful acting career for Dree.

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