Dree Hemingway Turns a Desert Road Trip Into an Intimate Photo Shoot!

Dree Hemingway is pretty much the poster child for laid back elegance, so it should come as no surprise that the model and recent screen siren had no problem ditching the makeup and stylists on the set of her latest shoot for NOWNESS.COM.  Leaving the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood Hills in her tracks, Dree and longtime friend and photographer Jesse John Jenkins set up camp in Death Valley’s Mojave Desert to shoot a series of intimate portraits of the boho beauty in her natural element — “no brief to follow— just Dree!” said Jenkins.  Having known Jenkins since high school, Dree appears perfectly at ease for this road trip turned candid photo shoot, demonstrating the same sense of free-spirited grace that’s made her a leading lady among Hollywood starlets and best-dressed icons alike.  It’s easy to see why the camera — and us included — can’t get enough of this Cali girl!

Photos by Jesse John Jenkins, courtesy of NOWNESS.COM

To get the full look at Dree’s stunning desert shoot, head over to NOWNESS.COM!

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