Easy Runway Inspired Updos for the Holiday Season!

Going home for the holidays is stressful enough, never mind worrying about how best to tame your tresses for the all-day gatherings.  Whether you’re meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time, or spending extra quality time with Grandma and the gang, an easy, polished hairdo is a must!  At Fashion Week, we saw a TON of amazing updos on the runways, all of which seem very on point this holiday season.  From Rodarte’s decorative faux bob to those romantic twisted chignons we saw at Valentino’s Fall 2012 showing, the beauty experts gave us more than enough sophisticated looks to work with for our upcoming festivities. Don’t let these glamourous styles fool you though, because they’re as easy to copy as they are beautiful.  To help get you started though, we enlisted celebrity hair stylist, Ric Pipino of Pipino Nolita salon, to help us create a step-by-step guide to recreating some of out favorite looks this season.  All you’ll need to do is choose which style to test out first: the retro bouffant, the polished twist, or the textured faux bob!

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Before recreating any of these looks, Ric advises that you prep the hair by texturizing as much as possible so that the hair holds better in the later steps.  Your hair should be “dirty,” but not greasy, and it should dry, or matte.  Try using a light gel or texturizing cream before drying hair upside down for added volume.

For those with fine hair, Ric recommends putting a slight bend or curl in the hair by using either a curling iron or a set of hot rollers. Finishing prepping the hair by applying a light hold hair spray and brushing the hair with a flat brush.  Repeat as needed until the texture is at your liking.  Girls with thick or curly hair may also follow these same steps if needed, but to a lesser extent.

For the faux bob (pictured in the center above): Start by slightly teasing hair at the crown to create volume.  Then, begin back combing hair starting at the roots with a flat brush.  Gather hair into a ponytail and secure close to the ends.  Using the band as your base, roll the ponytail underneath so that it curls around your hand until the desired length of the bob is achieved. Secure with bobby pins and/or “v-shaped” pins.  Create natural wispy pieces by combing small sections of hair out, which Ric agrees, will keep your do from looking too styled.

For the retro boutffant seen on the runway at Louis Vuitton’s SS ‘13 show (pictured top right): Again, you’ll want to create volume by first teasing hair at the crown and back combing sections of hair using your fingers to style in place.  For a smoother look, lightly comb hair into place before securing with bobby pins in a crisscross fashion. While leaving volume at the top, twist the loose ends up into a French twist, making sure to tuck in the ends before securing with a bobby pin. Pull out small face framing strands for a younger, more relaxed look.

For the twisted knots we spotted at the Valentino and Suno shows (pictured in the bottom left and bottom right corners): Section off two sections of hair in the front as big or a small as you would like the twists to be.  Begin twisting the section where you would like the twist to be and feel free to make the twist look as tight or as loose as you would like, however, Ric notes that tighter, smaller twists look best on those with small facial features.  Once the strands are all the way twisted, you may choose to gather hair in a chignon at the nape of the neck, create a French twist, or style however else you like.

Looking to add some extra pizazz to your chic new updo?  Try adding one of this season’s fun new hair accessories for a very on-trend embellished take on the look you created.  Whether you’re adding a polished bow, a decorative clip, or a bejeweled headband, Ric’s only suggestion is that you take into account what you’re wearing— i.e. if you’re wearing a sequin party dress or a statement making necklace, opt for a more demure add-on.


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