Elettra Wiedemann Brings Goodness to Fashion Week!

In the midst of Fashion Week, finding the time to eat a good, healthy meal can be tough, especially when you’re running between shows. But this season Elettra Wiedemann has solved the issue with the launch of her pop-up restaurant Goodness with chef Ed Brown. Located in Ed’s Chowder House directly across from Lincoln Center, Goodness will feature a healthy menu with daily specials prepared by local culinary masters like Christopher Rendell, Nicholas Wilber and Robert Newton. “Goodness is different because we have two daily changing menus. We have a daily changing Goodness menu which is all very healthy, very clean food […] and then everyday we also have these guest chefs who are doing Goodness with a touch of badness which is more decadent and rich,”said Elettra of the frequently updated menu.
Although this is the first round of Goodness, Elettra has big plans for the future of this pop-up delicatessen. The goal is “to bring Goodness as a pop up restaurant to all the different [fashion week] cities in the world - London, Milan, Paris and have chefs there and then eventually do chef cultural exchange programs,” which would bring chefs overseas to debut their food in different cities.
Goodness is located at 44 West 63rd Street and will be open from September 11th to the 14th from 7 AM – 3 PM and you can most certainly count on seeing us there. Thank goodness for Goodness!

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