Elettra Wiedemann Chats With New York's Top Designers

Is there anything Elettra can’t do? Last year, in the midst of fashion week, the brunette beauty organized Goodness, a pop-up restaurant that brought healthy cuisine to all the fashionistas at Lincoln Center. This year she’s putting her on-camera personality to the test and catching up with American Brand icons, like Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors, for “The Cut’s” web series “New York City Greats.” With questions about finding inspiration, to “what’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?” Elettra helps us get to know the personalities behind some of our favorite brands. As an accomplished model and business woman in her own right, Elettra seems right at home with the famed wrap dress designer. The two chat candidly about success, getting older, and even the luck (good or bad) that comes with buying vintage jewelry. We could only hope to be so composed in the presence of Mrs. DVF and Elettra leads the interview with style and grace. As the perfect mix of beauty and brains, we couldn’t think of a more perfect person to put some personality into the New York Fashion Week coverage.

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