Elle Macpherson's Best TV Moments!

We can’t wait until tomorrow night for the premiere of Fashion Star, a new show on NBC hosted by Elle Macpherson! Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and John Varvatos will sit on a panel alongside Elle to judge a round up of designers who will put together garments with restricted time, money and materials. Naturally, it’s Elle we’re most excited about watching, but this is no debut for the supermodel on the small screen. In honor of the premiere of tomorrow’s show, we’ve pulled together our favorite moments of Elle on TV.

At the height if its fame in 1999, Elle guest starred in five episodes of Friends, where she became Joey’s new roommate, Janine Lecroix. Based on looks alone, lovable goofball Joey chooses his new roommate when Chandler moves in with Monica, and he’s wildly attracted to her. After a few episodes of trying to hide their feelings for each other, Joey and Elle shared some smooches before she moves out, not wanting romance to get involved with their roommate relationship.

The Beautiful Life was anticipated to be a huge hit and marketed to members of the fashion community before it aired in September 2009—but sadly the drama didn’t take off and was cancelled after the first two episodes. Elle played Claudia Foster, the owner of Covet Models and a motherly figure to the perspective models all sharing a residence in New York City. Though Elle’s character was highly developed and quite entertaining, many viewers weren’t a fan of Mischa Barton playing the lead role.

Elle took over hosting duties for Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model so she’s no stranger to keeping a show on track and getting the audiences attention. Her biggest impact has been banning perspective models from having to audition in bathing suits. “It just felt inappropriate, she said. “It is very uncomfortable for a girl to stand in front of people like this—naked and freezing cold.” Now the girls audition in their own clothing first, so that the judges get a sense of their own style and personalities.

Tune in to NBC at 9:30 p.m. tomorrow night to watch Elle in action, and let us know what you think! We’ll be live tweeting the show, so make sure to follow us on twitter, too!

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