Erin Gives Us a Little Fashion Week Preview

While Erin Wasson’s first show at the Tents is still a few weeks away, the questions about her inspiration have already begun. Sometimes we feel really bad for designers who have to repeat their mood for the season over and over backstage while all they really want to do is go celebrate. Or sleep.

So in that light, Teen Vogue’s Andrew Bevan sat down with Erin in the Hamptons recently to give the world exactly what they want to know.

Tell us, Miss Wasson, what was your inspiration, past your puppy Cream? “I wanted to take a departure away from the really dark colors and that sort of rock & roll vibe that everyone knows me really well for…. It’s that whole idea of mauve-y pinks and really beautiful bronzes and ivories. I based it on the idea of a girl who’s on a journey, which is myself. I’m still embarking on this journey of being a designer and creating things and sharing my vision with the world… Lighter, more feminine, less cowboy.”

Now we just have to wait to actually see the clothes…

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