Maybelline Models Turn Sexy Calendar Girls for 2013!

We know you’ve already gotten a hold of the 2013 edition of the artful Pirelli calendar, but did you know that there is a whole other crew of sexy calendar girls on hand for the new year?  And no, we’re not talking about the VS Fashion Show models— although why those runway looks haven’t been made into a calendar yet is a mystery to us!  Actually, the latest batch of calendar girls are none other than Maybelline models Freja Beha Erichsen, Erin Wasson, Charlotte Free, Shu Pei and others, who stripped down for the 2013 edition of the beauty giant’s annual calendar.

Unlike this year’s Pirelli girls though, the Maybelline spokesmodels went au natural. Shot by photographer Kenneth Willardt, the models can be seen in nothing but some well-crafted body-paint meant to reflect a few iconic New York City scenes.  Think Erin Wasson painted in black and white stripes to represent “the Streets of New York,” Charlotte covered in international stickers to symbolize the city’s “Melting Pot” and an out of focus Shu-Pei reimagined as a subway car. Don’t rush to the store just yet though, apparently, this month-to-month agenda is SO exclusive that it’s not even available to purchase! But don’t worry, you can catch all of your favorite Maybelline beauties in our slideshow below.

New York, you’ve never looked so good!

See the full slideshow on modelinia.com

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