Express Yourself with These Wild Nails from NYFW!

Nail art is officially the new frontier of beauty. Fashion designers, teenagers and anyone who likes to have fun with their style, have all taken to the nail art trend as a form of self-expression. It’s like having 10 blank canvases, right at your fingertips. There is nothing quite as nice, as looking down at your tips as they rest on the keyboard at work, and seeing an array of neon colored bubbles that look like they may have been lifted from your middle-school Kit-and-Kaboodle (remember those sparkly makeup carriers from Claire’s!?) If you can’t quite decide how to express yourself take a tip from Assembly New York’s text message inspired nails and wear all your favorite Emojis at once. We found some serious polish for you to recreate these looks the old fashion way, but if you feel a shaky hand coming on, hit your nearest Sephora and pick up the stick-ons- they’re just as good!

See the full slideshow on modelinia.com

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