Fashion Week Confidential: Karlie Kloss Talks Kookies, K's and Designer Bags!

Lets face it, New York Fashion Week just doesn’t feel complete without a little time spent with everyone’s favorite all-American beauty, Karlie Kloss!  Although the leggy beauty was MIA for the first half of this week’s show schedule due to prior engagements, she managed to make up for lost time by treating us to yet another magnificent runway performance, taking center stage at top shows like Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren to name just a few.  And as if ruling the catwalk wasn’t enough, Karlie took her talents to the streets, handing out free Kookies to the crowds of Karlie-fanatics— yes, ourselves included— with the help of Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef, Christina Tosi.  It was there, in front of her adorable pink ‘Karlie’s Kookies’ food truck, sponsored by American Express, that we had some time to catch up with the Fashion Week fixture to discuss all things cookie, fashion and beauty related while the Kookie team helped to provide 31,500 meals to children in need through the FEED program. So before you close the chapter on another New York Fashion season, check out our Fashion Week Confidential with the one and only Karlie below!

So what is it like to have your first Karlie’s Kookies food truck?

Well, Christina has done this many times before, so she’s a pro.  But this is just a one day thing to help get more ‘Perfect 10 Kookies’ in the hands of more cookie monsters! And we hope to bring it back next Fashion Week, so keep your eyes peeled for us in September.  I think everybody enjoys a good cookie and we just want to share the cookie love this Fashion Week!  They were backstage at Michael Kors today, I catered, and we’re just literally stopping traffic here with our Kookies! So exciting day at Lincoln Center today.

Can we expect another flavor of Kookie out by next Fashion Week?

Yes!  We always have something in the oven.  Something is always cooking.

Do you carry a lucky charm with you throughout Fashion Week?

Yes!  My sisters gave me a necklace with a “K” on engraved on it for my birthday.  I wear it all the time.  It’s very special because it represents all of the K’s in my life, all my sisters and myself.

What is the one designer item that you will never give away?

I guess my collection of bags that I’ve been gifted by designers over the years.  My Chanel bag from Karl Lagerfeld, my Dior bags from John, my Jason Wu bag that was for my birthday, the Karlie bag that was named after me. That was such an honor.  I’m quite blessed to have such a collection of bags!

Who is one of your model BFFs that you are very excited to run into this Fashion Week?

Cara and Jourdan are here!  Toni Garrn, although she’s not doing shows here right now.  I don’t know.  Everybody is being lazy and sitting out shows this season, I think.  I don’t know where everybody else is, but I’m hoping to see more people in Europe.

What are some of the most extreme beauty looks that you’ve ever had to model?

Oh, there are so many that come to mind.  There was a Vogue beauty portrait once with Phyllis Posnick and Steven Klein— I had a spider on my leg and a painted veil on face.  Then I had a Patrick Demarchiller one, also for Vogue.  I’ve done so many different, crazy Vogue beauty stories, probably too many to count.  It’s always interesting.  But I love doing those portraits with Phyllis because they’re such iconic beauty images.  We’ve done some pretty crazy things together.

Finally, what is one of your favorite songs that you’re listening to right now?

Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You.”

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