Fashion Week Confidential with Candice Swanepoel (and Lily Aldridge)

The blonde and beautiful Candice Swanepoel can truly do it all.  Although she’s probably best known for Victoria’s Secret, Candice can also be seen tearing up the NYFW runway for designers like Rag and Bone and Alexander Wang.  And while we await Candice’s appearances at this season’s Fashion Week, we already got to catch up with her at the Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Event and found out about her model BFFs, extreme beauty looks and even what she currently has on her iPod.  As luck would have it, fellow Angel, Lily Aldridge, joined the party and also shared some stories.  To find out what is new with Candice and Lily, check out the full interview below!

What is your life motto?  There’s so many that I’ve come across that are good.  My life motto would probably be “you receive from life what you put into it.”  The work you put in and the love that you give is what you’ll receive back.

Do you have a lucky charm that you carry with you?  My lucky charm has become my dog Milo.  I took him to the Super Bowl recently, and lately, I’ve been taking him everywhere; he travels so well!  It’s so nice to get home to that little face and see him wagging his little tail.  It’s a Jack Russell; he’s my baby.  I didn’t bring him today though, so I don’t have my lucky charm with me.

Who is your model BFF that you can’t wait to run into this week?  (in walks Lily)  You’re looking at her!  It’s funny, because people think that we spend a lot of time with each other, but really, we only bump into each other randomly like I haven’t seen Alessandra in a long time, but I got to bump into her in St. Barts.  I haven’t seen Erin for ages.

Lily:  We’re all really good girl friends, so it’s always really nice to see each other because we all have this amazing bond because we’re going through this experience together.

What songs are you listening to right now?  I’ve been listening to a whole lot of soul music ever since New Orleans.  I got really into it.  I like to kind of go back and listen to artists that I used to listen to years ago and kind of relive the moments from when I first started traveling.  So, lately I’ve been going back and listening to old playlist and having a little flashback.

Lily:  I’ve been listening to a lot of The Beatles with my daughter; she loves it.  The White Album is such a nice record for her.  It’s so happy and all of the songs are really happy, so we’ve been listening to all of that.

What’s the most extreme beauty look you’ve ever had to model?  There’s been a lot!  Half of them I force myself to forget about.  I’ve had like crystals put all over my face.  I recently did the Swarovski campaign where I had to wear a crystal helmet and it was so heavy! I kept trying to hold my head up.  Angels wings are also pretty heavy.  We have to work out certain parts of our back to be able to walk gracefully in them on the runway.

Lily:  One time I had to wear this really big head piece on the runway with like 6 inch stilettos and I was terrified.  It’s crazy!

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