Five Fashion Tips from Elisa Sednaoui

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When your godfather is Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfeld chooses you to star in his latest film, and you are an international model, it goes without saying that you have enviable style.

Elisa Sednaoui has a closet that most women dream of owning, and though her collection of designer pieces, well-worn favorites, and vintage finds might seem overwhelmingly impossible to replicate at first, we have a few secrets to stealing her style. ”Fashion, to me, is a form of art,” explains Elisa, so there’s a trick to mastering the look. With these 5 tips, you’ll be on your way to model approved style.

  1. Leggings -  ”First, let me show you my favorite leggings. Phi makes them.”
  2. Short Black Skirt -  ”My favorite skirt of the season from Coven. It’s a Brazilian brand, kind of rough, not too, not too nice, either.”
  3. Leather Jacket -  ”Favorite piece of the season definitely was this jacket, which I’m gonna wear until the day I die. This season has been the leather season.”
  4. Little Black Dress - “This is Thakoon, the essence of black dress, elegant and simple and modern and cool and minimalist as I like it. It has to be minimal. Black, simple, less is more.”
  5. Great pair of heels -  ”Most of [my shoes] are Christian Louboutin’s. He’s my godfather. This is one of my favorite pairs. They’re called Deva.”

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