From Haiti, With Love

Grab the Kleenex, because you’re certainly going to need more than a few tissues after reading¬†Coco Rocha’s diary from her trip to Haiti.

Back in January, Coco and her BFF¬†Behati Prinsloo traveled to the earthquake ravaged land in order to bring toys and pen pal letters to the children - in an attempt to not only lift spirits but make the world a smaller place. Once the models returned to New York City, they shared their experience with Flare magazine, through the pairing of creative outlets: Coco’s writing and Behati’s photography.

While we were well aware that Coco set up a pen pal experience, we had no idea that she was quite so involved in the actual production. But considering Coco, we should have expected nothing less. After reading her diary for Flare, we found out that in addition to the fact that Coco dreamt up the pen pal program and recruited people to become involved, she also spent hours personally translating the letters from English into French, so the children of Haiti could read them.

The piece goes on to describe exactly what Coco saw during her short stint in Haiti - from women bathing their children in gutters to children who were dropped off at orphanages, crying because of the lack of attention. It’s hardly an easy essay to read, but Coco’s prose touches on not only the emotion of the situation, but the reality, making it a must-read for everyone.

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