Game On! The Face Season Premiere Recap with Naomi, Karolina, Coco and Nigel

We have been holding in our excitement for The Face to air for months now and after last night’s premiere, it was crystal clear that it was well worth the wait!  Finally we have the model competition of our dreams with the holy grail of super coaches: Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha, handsome host Nigel Barker, model newbies with personalities to boot, iconic fashion guest judges and photographers and of course, lots of amazing drama.  So if you are just as obsessed and hooked as we are, take a look at our recap of last night’s killer show.

The 12 model contestants arrive to their new model loft in where else, but New York because,”if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”  We get to meet some of the new faces like Zi Lin (Team Naomi), a former Miss. USA from China and Stephanie (Team Coco) who has never done any modeling.  We also got to know some very big personalities like the very loud and wild Team Naomi’s Sandra, who toasts to the girls,”let the games begin” with a bottle of wine!   The coaches arrive to the loft and set a few things straight.  Karolina declares that her team is “sweet but we are tough,” and Naomi shows no fear when she says that there are,”alot of strong personalities on my team.  One of my girls will become the face.”

Host Nigel Barker welcomes the model contestants to the real world of modeling they will be competing as individuals in a test shoot.  For today’s challenge the girls will be sizing each other up in a “who wore it better” head to head shoot-off.  For each test shoot, one of the coaches will be the judge and this challenge, Naomi is selected!  She instructs the girls that she is looking for how they put the clothes together, their personal style, creativity, and advises, “don’t play it safe.”   The winner will receive a $5000 shopping spree to Topshop.  The girls try their best to out-style one another with different trends selected by Ms. Campbell.  When one of Team Coco’s model cries because her shoes are too small, Naomi has no qualms dishing some tough lessons when she says, “I’m going to look my best and take the pain for the best picture. Do you want to be the face?”  Sure enough, it’s Team Naomi’s own Zi Lin who wins the first challenge and in the words of Ms. Campbell, “Team Naomi has good to keep the fire burning hot!”

Next up the models arrive to the Brooklyn Navy yard which is the backdrop for their very first campaign.   We learn that campaign shoots are team challenges and this first one will be for W Magazine!  The models must work together in their teams to come up with the best shot in a Uptown/Downtown Westside Story-esque storyboard, all while styling their own wardrobe provided by Philip Lim.  Karolina explains to her girls that “I think you get more with honey than with spice” and Coco lets her girls know that she, “hates when anyone plays it safe.”

Just when we thought there was no way the show could get any better, Nigel announces the shoot’s photographer as the Patrick Demarchelier!  Team Naomi is up first and she instructs her girls to look “strong,” while teammate Aleksandra struggles.  Coco instructs her team to go all the way as she has the girls leaping into ballet poses and giving high drama.  Nigel introduces the incredible guest judges today as legendary agent Beth Ann Hardison and W magazine Editor Stefano Tonchi.  ”Well that’s very Coco”  remarks Stefano on Coco’s dramatic photo.   The judges ultimately go with Team Karolina’s photo for the win which means elimination for one girl on Team Naomi or Team Coco.

The coaches sit with their teams as they go over the day’s photos as the coaches now have the tough job to choose one of their models to put up for elimination.  Naomi goes with Aleksandra because she was unfocused and Coco picks Stephanie for her inexperience.  The girls plead their case to Karolina who chooses to keep Team Coco’s Stephanie and to send home Naomi’s Aleksandra.  Uh oh!  While this is good news for Coco and Stephanie, Naomi immediately walks away and slams the door .  ”That’s not right,” Naomi says, “I don’t want the camera.  Out!” she screams at the film crew.  Karolina tries to explain but Naomi insists, “I’m very disappointed in your choice.  All I’m going to tell you is that it’s game on from now”

Well it’s certainly game on and this is one team we want to be apart of.  So while we hope you’re getting behind Team naomi, Team Karolina or Team Coco, we’re going to declare Team The Face as last night’s winner.  We can’t wait to see all the amazing fashion, modeling and drama that will follow!

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