Get Better Soon Stammy!

Image via TFS

While some models were escaping New York City’s winter weather to hide out in warmer climates, Jessica Stam went in search of colder, snowy fun.

She celebrated the much deserved break by taking off for Montana enjoy the thrill of snowboarding, but endured a bit of a dramatic experience when she fell and hurt her wrist! Yesterday, Jessica appeared on The Marilyn Denis show, walked on stage sporting a sling and admitted that she was nursing a sprain and a fracture in her left arm due to a snowboarding fall. ”I’m gonna pull through it and make it heal as fast as possible,” she said. “As much as I’d like to stay still and stay in the chalet, I can’t do that. You can’t keep me off the mountains.”

Given her bright and cheery attitude towards the injury, it seems Stam isn’t letting this minor injury detract from her life. But regardless, we hope you get better soon!

You can watch the entire clip here!

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