Get Ready for Lots of Adriana Lima at this Year's Superbowl

We aren’t afraid to say that we watch the Super Bowl for the commercials—especially now that we’ve heard that supermodel Adriana Lima will be appearing in more than just Victoria’s Secret ads during the big game.

Teleflora takes advantage of male viewer’s attention and offers up Adriana to remind them that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The 30-second spot is for the flower delivery company’s XOXO Red Rose bouquet where Adriana (and her gorgeous looks) sends an unforgettable message for men to remember the importance of flowers this year.

“The thing I love the most about this ad is that everything happens in a very intimate moment, in a romantic place,” the supermodel says. “Men will learn about the emotions women feel and how important a gift of flowers is to us on Valentine’s Day. I know you guys will like it.”

After the commercial airs during the second half, the behind the scenes video of Adriana and her roses will be available on Teleflora.com.

In a bit more, “sex-sells” ad, Adriana waves the checkered flag in the new spot for Kia Optima. The South Korean car company is clearly trying to up its masculinity factor featuring the beautiful Brazilian supermodel in the advertisement that will go live during the big game.  Mixed Martial arts fighter Chuck Liddell and Mötley Crüe also make appearances as a Kia is seen tearing around a racetrack.

Kia’s marketing director is calling the 60-second spot the “Ultimate Man’s Dream” and we think he certainly selected the right model to fulfill that fantasy.

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