Get the Scoop on Julie Henderson's Debut Swimwear Collection for Basta Surf!

If anyone knows bikinis, it’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Julie Henderson!  The veteran model has has been a mainstay in the glossy’s pages for seven years, modeling every kind of swimsuit imaginable— including those of the body paint variety.  However, it was after posing for Basta Surf’s 2011 campaign shot in Sayulita, Mexico, that eventually led the blonde beauty to take her bikini game to the next level with the launch of her first design collaboration with the label.  Including everything from bandeaus, tie-string bottoms and not-your-average one-pieces, the collection is a definite SI Swim model hit-list, offering a cut, color and style for every beach-lover.

To celebrate the top model’s expanded swimwear success, we met up with the model-turned-designer to get the inside scoop on her design process and what we can expect from her Basta Surf debut.  To find out more about Julie’s swimwear inspiration and the pieces she’ll be rocking at the beach this season, see our full interview with the stunning SI Swim model below!

Julie Henderson for Basta Surf

1. How is designing your own swimwear line different from modeling the pieces for Sports Illustrated?

The difference is that I get to explore my creativity. It is fun to have an idea of a design and to see the whole process through from the sketches, samples, manufacturing and sales. It’s such a great feeling to see your original ideas being sold as final products on sites like shopbop.com and seeing them worn!

2. What made you choose to design swimwear versus other apparel and accessories categories?

I thought swimwear was a natural progression for my career. I love swimwear, if I could be in it all year I would.

3. Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

The ‘ONFRE’ is my favorite! It’s a flounce top with a double tie bottom. It is reversible, so you get two suits for one! Available in two options, the first is a light green color with a reversible zebra print, and the second is aqua with the zebra .

4. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

My inspiration was Basta! I have always loved their swimsuits. I really like that they are young, fun and flirty, but you can still be active while wearing one. I was already starting with an amazing brand, so my inspiration was to add a fun print to the collection and a couple of body styles that I have always loved.

5.  Did you sketch many of the designs that were used to make the collection?

I came up with the designs for most of them. Basta was great, they were totally open to making my designs work, even if it took a few times to master the sample.

6. Do you prefer a bikini or a one-piece?

I always prefer a bikini!

7. How do you suggest women wear your pieces?  Any suggestions on how to take the look from the beach to lunch with friends?

The great thing about my collection is that you can mix and match any of the suits and they are all reversible, so that way woman can be as creative as they like. To go from the beach to lunch, I like a fun wrap or tunic over the bikini or one piece, that way you can still see a touch of the swimsuit colors.

8. Speaking of the beach, what are some of your beach bag essentials?

My beach bag essentials are my Iphone, reading book, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat.

9. How do you get yourself into bikini-ready shape? Any favorite routines?  How about healthy diet tips?

I try and keep a healthy routine all year round. I like to do a combination of boxing, yoga, swimming or just fun water activities if I am at the beach. Keeping an active lifestyle means that you don’t have to maintain such a strict diet.

10. Finally, can we expect future design collaborations?

I hope so!

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