Get Your Party Dress On!

The excitement of having an ever-growing inbox full of holiday invitations is often followed by the anxious feeling of “what am I going to wear?” Looking your best for a holiday party is important, as it’s usually a gathering that includes old friends, co-workers,- and the occasional love interest. While we may not have a closet stocked with cocktail dresses with the tags still intact, we’ve collected a few over the years that we’re still in love with. Wearing a good dress twice is no longer a faux-pas, and it’s likely that if paired with different accessories and shoes, your friends may not notice the repeat. However, if you need to feel extra special for an event, wearing a brand new dress can provide just the Cinderella moment you’re looking for. While cocktail dresses are very personal purchases we’ve rounded up some seriously cool frocks that fit a variety of styles.


Get your glam on and shop our picks below!

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