Gifts for The Hostess With the Mostess!

Tonight is Christmas Eve which means we still have a few holiday parties left on our schedule and New Years festivities too, and already we’re impressed with our ┬áhostesses’ ability to pull off a great party during the busiest week of the year. From the tasty appetizers, to the festive flowers our ┬áhostesses have gone above and beyond when it comes to entertaining. While we wish we could throw a soiree quite as sweet as a way to say thank you, we are a little more equipped in the gifting department. The great thing about hostess gifts is they’re something our little Martha Stewart-in-the-making will certainly put to good use. So wether you’re spending the weekend at your cousin’s colorado cabin, or enjoying a homemade meal prepared by your longest friend, come with one of these fabulous gifts in hand.

Shop these chic hostess gifts below:

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