Hannah Holman's Moving Into Jewelry Design!

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

To celebrate her newest campaign, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Hannah Holman hosted a small breakfast at Ed’s Chowder House to talk fragrances, being a Marc Jacobs girl, and her beauty regime. Over croissants and fresh fruit, she shared an interesting story about perfume and Marc Jacobs. As it turns out, Hannah was shopping with her mom for her first non Bath & Body Works fragrance, and while listening to her mom’s advice, she was holding a bottle of Daisy! Talk about a perfect coincidence.

Given her multiple talents, we just had to ask what was next for the young star. “I’m actually starting to design jewelry, which I’m really excited about,” she told Modelinia. “I’ve always been a fan of jewelry; my brother makes jewelry and I’ve always been really into it. I’ve been talking to Katie Hillier who does the jewelry for Marc by Marc. She has her own line and she designed an earring for me that was called the Hannah. I was talking to her again this season and saying how I love jewelry. She was like, just do it. By the end of the season, she wants me to design something! So it’ll be Hannah Holman for Katie Hillier. I’ll start there; I’m still young. Hopefully if that goes well I’ll have my own jewelry line.” ~ Bianca Posterli

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